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No Business Like Dough Business

By jennifer,

We are renowned for the best pizza in town but we can always improve. So we did a lot of research into the many different types of flour that make up the perfect dough and after careful consideration we are proud to announce that we will be using the highly acclaimed Infibra Flour. Want to hear more? Course you do…

Founded in the 50’s by the Denti family and based in Albinea, Reggio Emilia, the company continues after 3 generations, to be led by the founding family and combines state of the art processing technologies with traditional values.

Nowadays the company is based in a modernly built processing facility adopting the most advanced milling technologies and designed to produce flours of the finest quality.

In the last few years they have introduced a new line of flour named Infibra which is what we will be using: In these flours there is a synthesis of the tradition and the modern concept of proper nutrition. In the flours our customers will find all the good qualities of the wheat that is the basis of proper nutrition. The wheat germ and the bran inside this flour are toasted at a low temperature to maintain the properties of vitamins, minerals, fibre and unsaturated fatty acid.  So we are giving you our award winning delicious pizza with a delicious healthy dough. WINNER

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The Secret Is Out

By jennifer,

The Cat is out of the bag or should we say fish! Our new restaurant site on Victoria Street in Edinburgh’s Old Town will showcase the Vittoria group’s take on the nation’s favourite seaside dish – fish and chips.

The 11’000 sq.ft restaurant will seat 270 covers and will be the capitals ‘go to for proper fish and chips’. We will aim to attract both International tourists and Edinburgh locals looking for fun, casual dining in the city centre. The relaxed venue will pride itself on the authenticity and quality of ingredients sourced and will not require advance bookings.

Our affordable menu will reinvent the traditional British ‘Chippy’ dishes and will celebrate specialities including fish and chips – along with contemporary twists on the traditional chip shop experience. Fish burgers and ‘cod dogs’ might also feature on the menu alongside classic chippy dishes such as pies, haggis and white pudding suppers.

Let us remember the good old days with Deep-fried Mars bars with ice cream, salted caramel and chocolate sauce play on the Scottish chippy tradition of battered chocolate bars and are expected on the dessert menu alongside treats such as sticky toffee pudding and apple crumble pie. The vast three-floor World Heritage site building and former St John’s church had been used as a bookmaker and housed the popular Byzantium market and Khushi’s Indian restaurant before a blaze in 2008.

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New Summer Menu At Divino

By jennifer,

We have a brand new seasonal menu  at Divino and we can’t wait for you to give it a try. Created by our talented Head Chef, Francesco Ascrizzi. Reflecting the wide variety of styles and delicious flavours that are served across Italy.

We like to change our menu every few months to reflect the seasonality and use freshest finest ingredients.

It it always an exciting time and we love to hear our customers feedback good and bad.

Be our guest and try something new.

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More Mutti.

By RightProportion,

We are committed to finding THE BEST ingredients so that we can give YOU our customers the best.
That’s why for us it has to be “Mutti”.  Like us it’s all about “family” and they believe in their product just like us.
Their recipe for success and juicy tomatoes of course? …… Sun, earth, water and time!

So now you know only the best will do!

For more info check out their website.

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Father’s Day

By jennifer,

Its all about Family at Vittoria and this Fathers Day we are asking you all to get together and spend the day with us.

In Italy father’s day is celebrated on the 19th of March which is Saint Joseph’s day. Saint Joseph is considered by the Catholic tradition as the symbol of a pious and perfect father who fulfills his assigned role within the family.

This day has, then, become representative for all the fathers in Italy who are celebrated on this occasion.

Moreover, a lot of events and street markets are organised in the towns while Italian families have a special lunch to honour the father or they decide to go on a trip to celebrate this occasion if it falls on Saturday or Sunday and have lunch outdoors. Being it also the day of Saint Joseph people take it as an occasion to celebrate the Saint’s name.

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Congratulations Tony

By jennifer,

Thanks to an honour bestowed upon him by the Italian Government this week, Tony Crolla of Vittoria Group in Edinburgh has been awarded ‘Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy’, known as “Cavaliere” in Italian – one of the highest civilian honors in Italy.

Tony’s devotion and passion for Italian food, drink and culture, and his tireless promotion of Italy’s heritage in Scotland and around the world is the reason for this great honour.

Tony joins an esteemed list of recipients from around the world including singer Frank Sinatra and tennis champion Novak Djokovic.

Congratulations Tony – We are all very proud of you.

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Wine of the Month Divino

By RightProportion,

Our sommelier silvio has selected Riverside as this months wine of choice. A delectable Array of Grenach, Mataro, Shiraz, This fine wine originates from Australia.

This full bodied red has an intense flavour that goes perfectly with roasted meat, game or stew.

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Graduation Day

By vittoria-admin,

The hard work has been done the paper work completed and now it’s time to Party!!

Go on you deserve it. Years of slog…or fun done! The University of Edinburgh is one of the ancient universities of Scotland, and one of the oldest in the UK having been founded 430 years ago in 1583.

We hope to see you at one of our venues on your special day.

Congratulations to the classes of 2018!

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Red or White?

By RightProportion,

The main difference between white and red wine has to do with the colour of the grapes used. … Many different grape varietals are used to produce wine, including Pinot Gris, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. While red varietals are used to make red wine, white wine can actually be made from red or white grapes. At Vittoria Group We have our sommelier Silvio who will take you on a journey of our most discerning wines. Handpicked by us for you…

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The History of The Margherita!

By RightProportion,

According to popular tradition, in 1889, 28 years after the unification of Italy, during a visit to Naples of Queen Margherita of Savoy, wife of King Umberto I, chef Raffaele Esposito of Pizzeria Brandi and his wife created  a pizza resembling the colors of the Italian flag, red (tomato), white (mozzarella) and green (basil). They named it after the Queen – Pizza Margherita.

Descriptions of such a pizza recipe, however, can be traced back to at least 1866 in  Francesco DeBouchard book “Customs and Traditions of Naples” –  (Vol II, p.. 124). There he describes the most popular pizza toppings of the time which included one with cheese and basil, often topped with slices of mozzarella.

Whatever the real origins of this pizza recipe are, all we know for sure is that Raffaele Esposito’s version for Queen Margherita was the one that made it popular. Since then it has grown into one of the most recognisable symbol of Italian food culture in the world.


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It’s all in the dough!

By RightProportion,

A form of pizza has been around from the earliest days of mankind. This started when it was discovered that by crushing forms of wheat or grains a substance that we today call flour was made and then mixed with water it formed a dough.

Due to cooking being done on open fires and heating stones to cook on it was discovered that if this dough was flat and laid on the hot stone it would start to cook the dough and make it more edible and enjoyable. Then over the years this become more refined to what we have today as a pizza.

However still to this day we use very similar cooking techniques, we have log fired ovens and we cook the pizza direct onto a hot stone. We use only the finest ingredients to bring you the best pizza.

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Leith History

By vittoria-admin,

We are proud of our Vittoria History.

Vittoria on the Walk has been providing delicious Italian food from its family friendly restaurant in Leith for over 45 years. The secret to success? A dedication to providing authentic, traditional Italian dining throughout but it’s also interesting to look at the history of our lovely Leith!

Leith is located on the Firth of Forth in south east Scotland. It was for many centuries Scotland’s premier port. In 1833 it became a separate burgh with its own Town Council. It became part of the City of Edinburgh in 1920.

While the story of Leith is in part the story of Kings and Queens, Merchants and Mariners, it is more the story of the ‘ordinary’ people who lived in Leith and worked in its docks and industries – often in conditions that we would regard as intolerable nowadays.

Vittoria on the Walk has been providing delicious Italian food from its family friendly restaurant in Leith for over 45 years. The secret to success? A dedication to providing authentic, traditional Italian dining throughout.

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