No Business Like Dough Business

We are renowned for the best pizza in town but we can always improve. So we did a lot of research into the many different types of flour that make up the perfect dough and after careful consideration we are proud to announce that we will be using the highly acclaimed Infibra Flour. Want to hear more? Course you do…

Founded in the 50’s by the Denti family and based in Albinea, Reggio Emilia, the company continues after 3 generations, to be led by the founding family and combines state of the art processing technologies with traditional values.

Nowadays the company is based in a modernly built processing facility adopting the most advanced milling technologies and designed to produce flours of the finest quality.

In the last few years they have introduced a new line of flour named Infibra which is what we will be using: In these flours there is a synthesis of the tradition and the modern concept of proper nutrition. In the flours our customers will find all the good qualities of the wheat that is the basis of proper nutrition. The wheat germ and the bran inside this flour are toasted at a low temperature to maintain the properties of vitamins, minerals, fibre and unsaturated fatty acid.  So we are giving you our award winning delicious pizza with a delicious healthy dough. WINNER