Authentic Italian Cuisine

Sourced With An Eager Eye for Provenance and Quality!

Since 1970 the Crolla family have built an enviable reputation that has made their name synonymous with the highest standards in great Italian food. Their experience, knowledge and attention to authenticity brings you the true Italian experience without compromise.

That’s what La Favorita delivers every single day. Our ‘pizzaioli’ use the freshest, authentic ingredients and an Italian-built wood-fired oven to turn out delicious thin-crust pizzas.
All laden with the best combinations of Italy’s most mouth-watering toppings. The Italian flavour is in the cooking too. The 300 degree centigrade heat in our custom-made, log-fired Italian oven gives our pizzas a special crispiness & unmistakable smoky flavour.

As well as being famed for its pizzas, La Favorita also serves up a delicious selection of gourmet pastas, healthy fresh salads, antipasti, grill items and fabulous desserts, all prepared to order by our experienced chefs.

At La Favorita we’ve always used the best ingredients for our pizza and pasta.  For example our ham comes from Brescia, there’s Parmesan from Bologna, tomatoes from Campania and flour from Padova.

Our dough is made with authentic, Italian, ingredients and no additives. Our pizza dough is prepared by our Master Pizzaiolis and left for 48 hours to naturally mature before use. Our promise is that we never freeze our dough, it’s always fresh.

And we are proud that our pizzas are extra light and crispy, as well as low in salt and gluten because we use our own flour made to a special recipe.

For customers with dietary allergies or sensitivities, La Favorita makes life easy with a wide range of gluten-free, nut free and lactose free dishes, as well as vegetarian dishes and these are clearly indicated on menus. And for additional reassurance, the kitchen brigade place a small Italian flag on gluten free dishes to confirm that the order has been taken correctly.

The philosophy is simple… to offer food sourced with an eager eye for provenance and quality, offering a genuine taste of Italy and experience!