Sourcing the Finest Italian Ingredients

Quality Ingredients & Authentic Italian Cuisine

As a third-generation Italian family restaurant business, the Crolla family know exactly what genuine Italian food is all about and has built an enviable reputation that has made their name synonymous with the highest standards of great Italian food and hospitality.

Owner Tony Crolla and Executive Chef Spencer Wilson have a passion for quality food and ingredients, as well as the finest wines and want to share that passion with their customers. Over the years the group has forged strong relationships with both artisan food suppliers and winemakers in Italy and we make regular visits to meet with them, to review the products and identify possible new ingredients.

Our philosophy is simple… to offer food sourced with an eager eye for provenance and quality, offering a genuine taste of Italy and experience!

Hand-Picking the Finest Italian Ingredients

Many of the ingredients we use are sourced from Italy & carry the DOP & IGP certification including the Grana Padano Parmigiana, which notably uses vegetable renin (and is therefore suitable for vegetarians), our Colavita Extra Virgin olive oil & Mozzarella di Bufala Campana and the premier Gragnano wheat and Corte Buona ham we use.

Never Compromising on Quality

Vittoria’s food is generous, satisfying our dedication to the best ingredients keeps it that way. There’s our delicious spicy salami, made from pork leg or shoulder & cured with chilli flakes & black pepper which takes six weeks to make. Our sauces are made with rich double cream, not cheap béchamel imitations and there is no skimping on our egg pasta which contains a high proportion of six free-range, organic eggs per kilo. Our fantastic durum wheat pasta is sourced from Gragnano, outside Naples.

While other ingredients & products are sourced more locally, the family is unequivocal in selecting those with the finest provenance.

Gragnano Pasta

The tradition of making pasta in Gragnano dates back more than 500 years and the area benefits from a unique climate, warm but not too humid with a gentle sea breeze, making it ideal for drying pasta. Produced from the highest quality durum wheat semolina and mineral spring water on the ‘magic hill’ close to Naples, this is the finest authentic Italian pasta with a high protein and minerality content. Pasta from Gragnano is made using the traditional method – slowly dried for two days and shaped with bronze to give it a rough texture (so the shape holds more sauce), producing a pasta with a “nuttier aroma and chewier mouth feel”.

Salami Ventricina Piccante

Ventricina Piccante is a classic salami made from quality pork meat which is coarsely ground and seasoned with black pepper and peperoncino chilli flakes.  It is cured for around 60 days and presents a lovely rich red/brown colour. Ventricina is very tasty with a delightful warming chilli kick which slowly develops in the mouth.

Corn Fed Chicken

We serve top quality grain fed chicken which is sourced from three regions in North West France – Brittany, Normandy & Pays de la Loire. Fed on a purely natural diet of corn or maize, the chicken has a richer, fuller flavour and the meat is more succulent – far superior to that of a factory

farmed chicken – and we can be confident that they led a good life and have been reared as nature intended & given time to mature.

A Passion for Fine Italian & World Wines

We make regular visits to wineries to meet with winemakers, and have forged strong relationships with them, to ensure that we bring you the highest quality and widest selection of wines available.  As such we are confident of the origin of our wines and pride ourselves on offering superior wines which offer value for money. Our team undertake regular training sessions to ensure that they are well versed on the wines on offer, and they are always eager to advise and offer suggestions. Our fine dining restaurant and wine bar ‘Divino Enoteca’ even offers wine flights and regular wine tasting events for the connoisseur.